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It is said that currently there are more than 50 sake breweries in 15 countries around the world. The first sake brewery established outside Japan is “Azuma Kirin” in Brazil, which started their operation in the prewar period. The number of international breweries is increasing every year, and we have visited 23 sites in 8 countries. The awareness of SAKE in those countries will increase as the local production becomes more and more active. We believe that it has a great potential to expand the market of the Japanese sake breweries. We have held events in collaboration with international sake breweries.

SAKE breweries we have visited

In the US, a few craft SAKE breweries newly open every year. “The First American Craft SAKE Festival” took place in June 2019. In addition, the foundation of “Sake Brewers Association of North America” ​​is a remarkable movement. We are proud to be an advisory board member for the organization and happy to support them whenever necessary.

A combination of a tasting session of internationally-made sake and a panel discussion with foreign brewers of domestic and international sake breweries. The 2nd SAKE World Cup was held in Tokyo and Kyoto in November 2019.  SAKE fans across the nation enjoyed 30 different kinds of SAKE from 18 makers in 11 countries.  The 3rd event is scheduled in 2021.

Get to know the international sake market


"Expanding Worldwide Sake Market"
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A summary of “Sake Front Line  -e-mail sake news letter-, focusing on global sake movements. A great resource to know what is happening around the boom in Japanese cuisine, and SAKE making outside Japan. (¥2,000)