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Planning export strategies, developing sales channels, and supporting overseas exports of Japanese alcoholic beverages with a focus on sake, and food products.

日本酒 コンサルティング
日本酒 出版物

Writing / Lecture

Published several books including “Sake Textbook” and Sake Guidebook (with English translation).

"Sake Front Line" e-mail newsletter (only in Japanese)

Reports of tasting events, evaluations, competitions, newly opened sake restaurants, products etc. ¥10,000 (Bimonthly × 6 months = 12 issues)

"Expanding Worldwide Sake Market"
(Book in Japanese)

A summary of “Sake Front Line” focusing on global sake movements. A great resource to know what is happening around the boom in Japanese cuisine, and SAKE making outside Japan. (¥2,000)

Events / Seminars

A tasting session of internationally-made sake and a panel discussion with foreign brewers of domestic and international sake breweries. The second SAKE World Cup was held in Tokyo and Kyoto in November 2019. SAKE fans across the nation enjoyed 30 different kinds of SAKE from 18 makers in 11 countries. The 3rd event is scheduled in 2021.

Sake Seminars

“Sake Open Lecture” started in June 1997 and has been held more than 100 times. We are the pioneer of sake seminars for the general public. Currently suspended due to the Corona pandemic, but scheduled to be restarted in 2021. Has also been serving as instructor for “Sake Class” organized by Urakasumi Brewery in Miyagi”, “Workers Forum MOC,” a seminar for people working at Osaki Gate City, organized by the realtor, Mitsui Fudosan.

Company Profile


SAKE Marketing House Co., Ltd.

Win Yotsuya 608, 2-18 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0065

TEL +81-3-3354-3051/FAX +81-3-3354-3052

Representative Director



September 2019

Business Field

Consulting for alcoholic beverage marketing (specializing in sake), export strategy, writing, events, seminars, workshops, etc.


Sep. 2019 Foundation of SAKE Marketing House Co., Ltd.


Future of the sake industry

The amount and also values of sake export have been continuously growing by more than 10% every year.
People are now internationally aware of its tastiness and value, and take it as a business opportunity.

Also, craft “sake” breweries have been opening one after another all over the world, and now there are more than 50 sake making places in 15 countries outside Japan.

Japanese sake is now in an important phase to make the culture expand and root internationally. We specialize in promotion of the globalization of SAKE, and we support sake industry developing products and sales channels for domestic and overseas markets.


Born in Yokohama, 1960. After graduating from the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Sophia University, joined Seibu Department Store. (in charge of liquor division, buyer) Started a new career as a liquor journalist and consultant in 1997. Has written several books including; “Textbook for Sake” (Doyukan), “Sake Guidebook” (Shibata Shten), and “the SAKE BOOK (with English translation)” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha). Judge of Prefectural Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair. (Fukushima, Shizuoka, and Ehime Pref.) Member of the judging committee for Protection of Geographical Identifications. (Nagano and Saga Pref.)  Judge of international sake competitions; “The U.S. National Sake Appraisal” and “International Sake Challenge”. Also the chairman of the Sake Export Association.